Lair of the Snail

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Voicebanks discontinued 4/29/17

Hana Kiramekine VCV, Neon Rushi VCV, and Nolia Shirayuki CVVC have been discontinued. No plans are made for releasing any other voicebank.

If you already have these voicebanks, please do not redistribute them. Also, please follow the voicebank usage rules below. Thank you.

Voicebank Usage Rules

You're NOT allowed to...

  1. Claim as your own/redistribute/steal
  2. Involve them in anything R18+ sexually explicit stuff
  3. Involve them in Yaoi/Yuri (with the exception of the song being a well-known VOCALOID song like magnet, but for personal reasons, I prefer to keep their orientations straight)
  4. Use them for bashing/hating/premoting or demoting religion
  5. Use them commercially/for money

If you have any questions or need my permission for something, you can contact me here.

Hana Kiramekine (煌き音ハナ)

Name: Hana Kiramekine 

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 5th 

Voicebank: JP CV+VCV

Voicebank type: Moderately Powerful Japanese Female

*The OC name is "Hana Kirami" but her UTAU name will still be "Hana Kiramekine."

Hana Kiramekine VCV (discontinued)

Neon Rushi (流詞音音)

Name: Neon Rushi

Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 25th

Voicebank: JP CV+VCV, JP CVVC (unreleased)

Voicebank type: Moderately Soft Japanese Male

*The OC name is "Naoki Ryushi" but his UTAU name will still be "Neon Rushi."


Neon Rushi VCV (discontinued)

Neon Rushi CVVC (unreleased)

Nolia Shirayuki

Name: Nolia Shirayuki

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 9

Voicebank: EN CVVC, EN Arpasing (unreleased)

Voicebank type: Soft American Female (CVVC)
                          Strong American Female/Androgynous (Arpasing)

Nolia Shirayuki CVVC (discontinued)


Nolia Shirayuki Arpasing (unreleased)